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About Free Estimates

We may be able to provide free ballpark verbal pricing over the phone, but we encourage you to have your home or office drainage system assessed by an experienced Drainage Technician. It’s often the water you don’t see that’s attracting pests, as well as causing mold and structural issues.

We want to help you improve your drainage and spot any red flags to prevent or arrest costly problems.



Drainage Improvements & Maintenance Options

For Diagnostic & Design Services, our cost is $90 per hour.
NO CHARGE for travel time within our service area.

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The 3 Options for Drainage System
Diagnostic & Design Assessments

  1. Read about our options below, then CLICK the GREEN BUTTON.
  2. You’ll see the “Work Request” (Request An Assessment) page in our scheduling system
  3. Tell us about your drainage issue, and which option you prefer.
  4. We’ll get in touch with you to move forward.


[Option 1] 1 Hour Assessment | Verbal Quote
We will meet with you to assess the issues, perform basic diagnostic work, discuss recommendations and pricing options for up to 1 hour.

[Option 2] 2 or 3 Hour – Custom Design | Written Plan

This gives us time to perform basic diagnostic work, design and testing, develop a proprietary drawing, a custom drainage plan and quote. We will go over the drawing, options and next steps with you. This takes approx. 2 hours for a typical property, or approx. 3 hours for more complex properties. Our drawings are proprietary, and sold as a part of the installation package.

[Option 3] Fast Track Retainer – Reserve Work Dates | Custom Design | Written Plan
If you would like to get on our calendar ASAP, you can submit a $500 retainer to reserve the next available week on our schedule. This payment will include up to 3 hours worth ($270) of diagnostic design work, and will be applied toward the installation. Upon receiving payment, we will secure your space on our work calendar & schedule time to design a system to fit your needs and budget.

Click here for Assessment Request Form. Remember to include Option you prefer.


For the best value, we strongly recommend that
all decision makers be present for the appointment.

PLEASE NOTE: Our hourly assessments are meant to provide our clients with information about their drainage concerns and suggest improvements based on our 25+ years of experience in masonry, foundation waterproofing / repair and drainage. Our information is not intended to be used as leverage in home buying / selling negotiations, drainage related lawsuits, or the like.

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction


Thank you for contacting us! We look forward to helping you.

~~ Kevin Kondas and the Drain Designs Team.