New Home Construction

The best time to install a lifetime drainage system is during initial construction of a new home or building. Not only does the system start protecting the home right away – every time it rains – but it also costs about 3x as much to install it after the concrete is poured and the landscaping is in.

You only get one chance to  properly install the waterproofing and foundation drain systems. This system often goes under the garage floor and under porches, patios, etc. Many of these systems are impossible to access with cameras or cleaning tools. 

We implore new builders to at least offer their clients a lifetime waterproofing and drainage system. By offering a system that can be easily inspected, tested and maintained, Drain Designs offers the best Transferable Lifetime Warranty in the business. 

Don’t let drainage call backs eat into your profit and ruin your reviews. We’ve worked with many good contractors and home builders who have had to suffer through drainage related lawsuits even though they installed the drainage system per the code book. 

Corrugated pipe is for above ground temporary use only. It is proven to quickly fail when buried. Drainage systems and even waterproofing should be accessible for testing and maintenance. A drainage system should last a lifetime and never need to be replaced. Drain Designs not only installs the best waterproofing in the world – we invented it. Call Drain Designs before you break ground on your next project and at least give your clients the option to install the system that will double the healthy life of their home and Landscaping.

Offer Lifetime Guaranteed Drainage & Waterproofing Systems.

A Few of the Advantages Are:

  1. You can now offer your clients the option to upgrade to a premium, Lifetime Guaranteed drainage system!
  2. Preventing lost time and $ due to drainage and waterproofing related call backs.
  3. Preventing bad reviews due to water problems.
  4. We will stand by our work.

We use Commercial Grade PVC pipe, and our own (patented) *AMERICAN DRAIN systems.
American Drain is far superior to French drains and ALL other waterproofing.

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Why Choose Us

We lead the industry with smart, innovative improvements in drainage systems & foundation protection solutions. We work to ensure your satisfaction!

  • 30+ years of Drainage & Waterproofing experience.
  • We use only high grade PVC, smooth-walled pipe that is virtually self-cleaning.
  • We offer a transferable Lifetime Warranty.
  • Our systems are easy to inspect, test and maintain.
  • 8 time Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner
  • A+ BBB Rating and great reviews.
  • Our patented *American Drain is superior to French drains.

US Patents Awarded: US 9,045,874 B1, US 10,519,619 B2, US 11,512,444 B2, US 11,840,819 B2

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