The Why, What & How of Drain Designs

A Drain Designs system is built to last a lifetime, and can more than double the healthy life of your home, saving thousands in costly repairs and depreciation.

Kevin Kondas, Owner – Drain Designs


Video interview of Drain Designs owner, chief drainage engineer and problem solver, Kevin Kondas. Home & property owners will be mostly interested in first 5-10 mins.

You’ve come to the right place.

We are the area leaders in drainage and waterproofing science. I’m Kevin Kondas, the owner of Drain Designs, LLC. We’re located in Pittsboro, NC, close to West Raleigh, South Durham, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Morrisville and Cary.

My passion is helping keep the American Dream alive through better drainage. I know! That sounds more than a little strange, and even kinda funny. But read on a bit and you’ll quickly see why I say this.


Poor drainage (rainwater mis-management)
can be a disaster.

Poor stormwater drainage can cause serious damage to your home and property. Serious damage = serious $$$$$. When our homes depreciate faster than we can pay them off, the American dream takes a big hit.


How does this happen? And why is it so common?

The average roof and driveway produce over 2000 gallons of run-off per inch of rain. Unfortunately, new home builders over the last 30 years installed minimal drainage systems that often began failing within a few years. As these systems fail over time they cause foundation failure and/or cracking, yard saturation, mold and bug problems, and the failure of other masonry and hardscape structures.

The Solution is Simple: Proper Drainage

Builders and engineers agree that it is vitally important for high volumes of roof and other run-off water be carried away from homes.

In conjunction with a working gutter system, the drainage system we propose will capture nearly all of this rainwater and carry it through clean, smooth-walled underground pipe to a safe place AWAY FROM your landscaped property.

If you prevent the damage caused by poor drainage, you’ll save yourself a ton of money, a lot of stress, and you’ll preserve BOTH the value and the healthy life of your home.


We will help you get there.

I have dedicated over 25 years to developing better building practices that help us maintain the beauty, integrity and health of our homes, buildings, yards, and therefore, our communities. A Drain Designs system is built to last a lifetime, and can more than double the healthy life of your home thereby saving thousands in costly repairs and depreciation.

We’re not the typical drainage system company.

We are innovators in Lifetime Foundation Drains, American Drains (making French Drains obsolete) and Downspout Drain systems using smooth walled pipe, which, when installed properly, is virtually self-cleaning, and does not hold water or debris. Our systems really work and are built to last a lifetime.


Get a Site Visit and Work Quotation.

We can arrange to come out to your property, assess the drainage problems, and suggest ideas for improvements that start paying for themselves immediately. Click here for our policy on consultations and work estimates.

If you decide to pursue your project, we offer full design and installation services. Please call our office at (919) 545-7771 or drop us an email for more details.


Thank you for considering us.

Your business helps support our efforts to protect our local economy and environment by promoting better construction practices and proactive maintenance while preserving the value of our homes and buildings for generations to come.

For affordable, well-planned, high quality drainage systems with years of experience backing them, call us at Drain Designs LLC (A+ rated). We are the area leaders in drainage and waterproofing science.